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  • What can hot melt glue stick? How to choose the right hot melt adhesive?What can hot melt glue stick? How to choose the right hot melt adhesive?

    ● Our common hot melt adhesives can generally be glued to wood, paper (white cardboard, cattle cardboard, silver cardboard, PE coated paper, BOPP coated paper), cloth (nonwoven, cotton), glass, acrylic, Plastic (PVC, PP, PE, etc.), metal (aluminum alloy, iron plate, stainless steel, etc.). ●Easy to stick: wood, white cardboard, cattle cardboard, non-woven fabric, cotton, glass, acrylic, PE plastic, etc. ●It is difficult to stick, including BOPP coated paper, PP plastic, metal and other materia

  • What are the classifications of common resins?What are the classifications of common resins?

    By source The resin is divided into natural resin and synthetic resin. Natural resin refers to amorphous organic substances obtained from animal and plant secretions in nature, such as rosin, amber, shellac and the like. Synthetic resin refers to a resin product obtained by chemical synthesis of a simple organic substance or chemical reaction of certain natural products, such as a phenol resin, a polyvinyl chloride resin, etc., wherein the synthetic resin is a main component of plastics. Synth

  • Is the hot melt glue stick used for winter and summer?Is the hot melt glue stick used for winter and summer?

    Hot melt glue sticks are also formulated in winter and summer. Why? Because the temperature is generally high in the summer, the glue stick needs to be harder at this time. If it is too soft, it will cause the glue stick to melt and bond together before it is used. In winter, the temperature in northern China (especially in the northeast) will be very low. If you use a very hard glue stick in the summer, it will cause the glue stick to be broken during transportation, which will seriously affect

  • How to deal with cold sticking when using hot melt adhesive?How to deal with cold sticking when using hot melt adhesive?

    The hot melt adhesive cools before bonding, and the cold sticking phenomenon is stable. The reasons for the cold sticking phenomenon and the solutions are as follows: 1. The use temperature of hot melt adhesive is low, and the use temperature is increased 2. The opening distance is too long, reduce the opening distance 3. The conveyor speed is too slow, increase the conveyor speed 4. The amount of glue is not enough, increase the amount of glue 5. The temperature of the bonded mat

  • How to deal with bubbles?How to deal with bubbles?

    Hot melt glue is through the hot melt glue machine to melt glue, the state of the glue stick becomes liquid after melting glue, can be applied by coating, spraying glue, making strips for construction; In the process of hot melt glue, sometimes there will be bubbles, then what is the cause of the bubble, the general cause of the bubble may be due to the bubble itself, after melting bubbles, or the glue stick contains water, when heating will also produce bubbles, there is hot melt glue due to hi

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